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When I first started meditating in 2001, I was a scattered overachiever and one of few students of the global majority (of color) at my college. Then I began a simple practice that became the “root” of what Rootwork shares today: focusing on the breath, breathing in and breathing out. Today that practice has expanded to include meditation + movement, Reiki, hikes, and retreats with likespirited community like you.

Like many of you, I’m passionate about living my most authentic life. I balance roles as a daughter, partner, and teacher. I’m a soulpreneur, graduate student, and food resources consultant. I’m passionate about inner peace and social justice. More and more, I believe they can’t exist without each other. And I believe in down-to-earth wellness that’s practical and uplifting.

Since 2008, I’ve facilitated holistic workshops for youth and adults, in Austin, Texas and beyond. From Reiki to Afrobeat Meditation™ to retreats – every practice you see here has helped me cultivate balance as a Black/Chicana and woman on the move. Whether you’ve been on the holistic path a while or are just starting out, Rootwork is designed to support you.

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Ecstatic Founder & Facilitator | naya@root-work.com

P.S. This summer 2015, our events primarily focus on our Black Women Get Rooted™ Meetup while I’m out of the country. Stay tuned for fall events.