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Crack Up

Welcome, seeker. I’m Naya, and my pleasures are being, breathing, moving, meditating, writing, and teaching. The work I’m sharing with you, right here on this site, is my passion. I believe in self care as community care. I believe in self care rooted in a commitment to social justice. I believe in cultivating healing networks. Whether you’ve been on the holistic path a while or are just beginning, Rootwork is designed to co-support you on the journey.

I invite you to explore. I’ve been growing this website in some form or another since 2008, and it’s become like a virtual homespace. Look around. Connect with me. Move. Commune. Grow together.

From Reiki to Afrobeat Meditation™ to retreats – every practice I share with you has brought me deeper peace, joy, and inspiration as a Black/Chicana who builds.


Ecstatic Founder & Facilitator | naya@root-work.com

P.S. This fall 2015, events primarily focus on our Black Women Get Rooted™ Meetup while I’m writing my dissertation. Yes! Follow the blog and join the newsletter to follow that journey.