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Every practice Rootwork shares – from Reiki, to Afrobeat Meditation, to hiking – has helped me “get rooted” a Black Chicana on-the-move. I started Rootwork to share in these practices with likespirited seekers. I’m passionate about wellness, community, and social justice. None of these are possible without deep self care. And that’s what Rootwork is about: deep self care, in community, for community. We “get rooted”: we connect with ancestors, inner peace, our bodies, the land, and each other. I invite you to explore our website. Connect. Join us!



Ecstatic Founder & Facilitator, Rootwork

Storygatherer & PhD Candidate, University of Texas Austin

Co-founder, Food for Black Thought




Naya and Kevin



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Naya’s other life project is a local organization committed to food justice (Food for Black Thought) with her partner Kevin Thomas. In this piece, Naya and Kevin talk FFBT, Rootwork, and the Black Gaia program. Read on!