Check out Rootwork & Food for Black Thought in The Austin Chronicle!

Rootwork founder Naya Jones is also co-founder of Food for Black Thought, an Austin based organization committed to food justice. In this piece, Naya and her partner talk FFBT, Rootwork, and the Black Gaia program. Read on!


Crack Up

Every practice Rootwork offers, from Afrobeat Meditation™ to Reiki to holistic business visioning, helps me “get rooted” as a Black Chicana on-the-move. As a guide and fellow seeker, I share in these tools with you. Rootwork is self care from a Black feminist & social justice perspective. In addition to invited workshops and events open to the public, Rootwork specializes in programs for Black women and communities of color, both groups that face deep health disparities and claim rich traditions of healing. This work is my passion. I invite you to explore. Witness my journey. Connect. And join us!


Naya Jones, MA CRM  

Ecstatic Founder, Rootwork

Storygatherer & PhD Candidate, University of Texas Austin

Co-Maker, Food for Black Thought