Get Rooted!

Live calm. Centered. Balanced. Inspired.

Connect with ancestors. Connect with yourSelf. Connect with community. 

If this website found you, you’re a seeker.

You know mind/body/spirit are connected. You want to live the fullness of life. You seek holistic insight rooted in culture/cultura. You care about social justice and community. And, you know that to support others, you have to take care of yourself. You’re ready for deep self care.

I share your passion for “rooted” living! Every practice Rootwork offers, from Afrobeat Meditation™ to Reiki to holistic business visioning, helps me “get rooted” as a Black Latina on-the-move. As a guide and fellow seeker, I share these tools with you. Rootwork specializes in programs for Black women and communities of color – communities who face on-going health disparities and claim rich traditions of healing. And, Rootwork is down-to-earth wellness! Take away practices you can use in your daily life. Build a self care routine. Connect. Welcome to the journey.

~ Naya Jones, MA CRM  Ecstatic Founder & Facilitator, Rootwork |