Meditation + Movement

“Restoration. That’s the word that kept coming to my mind.”

– K. Edwards, RootWork Meditation Participant

RootWork’s definition of meditation is sweet and simple: meditation is a practice that invites inner awareness by focusing the mind/body/spirit. Our meditation facilitation is culturally-affirming, queer-conscious, and trauma-informed. This is down-to-earth wellness! Take away practices for daily life and community building.

***Naya facilitates by invitation at this time. Book a meditation workshop with your classroom, organization, or group. Now booking for 2018.***

Meditation + Movement

Deep breath for your body/mind/spirit | A RootWork offering since 2012, Afrobeat Meditation™ combines breath work and gentle movement to focus inward. This meditation circle pays homage to Black Diaspora healing ways, history, and musics. Infused with moments of silence along with diaspora rhythms. Circles are small (10-15 co-healers) to nurture personal attention and community connection.

Guided Meditation 

Pause and receive | Includes guided meditation and relaxation with the facilitator’s voice and/or drumming, with stretches of deep silence that invite you to be your own guide. Be as you please! Sit down. Stand up. Lay down. Grounding for beginners who are just starting meditation. Also aligned for long-time meditators who want to experience meditation with community.

Chakra Meditation

Move energy | Connect with the subtle and energetic systems of the body through sitting, gentle movement, and standing meditation. Chakras, major energy centers, are our guides. Explore how you experience, hold, release, and move energy. Where is it stuck? Where can you loosen?

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