About RootWork

imageRootWork is down-to-earth holistic wellness. 

Through workshops, retreats, meditation circles, and more, we share tools for deep self-care and community building. We create spaces for inner exploration and self-healing,  connection and collective wellbeing. We grow healing networks.

Launched in 2008, RootWork is grounded in holistic wellness, traditional healing ways, and social justice. We understand that daily stress as well as legacies of oppression lIke race/racism, sexism, and homophobia can impact the mind, body, and spirit. We understand each co-healer (aka participant) as power-full. RootWork facilitates mind/body practices and old ways that help people “get rooted” as they live, be, and build.

We move energy with people of color, queer people of color, individuals and organizations committed to social transformation, and socially-conscious entrepreneurs. Dig deep with us!

Meet Your Guides   

Dr. Naya Armendarez Jones guides most offerings, sometimes with inspiring guest teachers.

How We Move 

RootWork is inspired by old ways and new ways. RootWork honors healing knowledge from Black Diaspora (including Mexico), global indigenous, Ayurvedic, Mexican and Mexican-American pathways. We draw on cutting-edge scientific research about the impacts of chronic stress and the benefits of meditation. RootWork is not based in a specific religion.

Who We Serve

* individuals, organizations, and professional groups committed to social transformation

* historically-resilient communities (aka communities of color)

* underrepresented college and graduate students, and

* social and spiritual builders (entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, community organizers, non-profit visionaries)