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NayaJones_1Naya Armendarez Jones, PhD

Ecstatic facilitator, meditation guide, and ritual maker, Naya facilitates spaces where people “get rooted”. First, we get rooted in awareness, bodies, and breath. From here we (re)connect with ancestors, the earth, community, and parts of ourselves that require healing attention. Ultimately, Naya affirms that you are your own guide.

Naya’s journey began more than 15 years ago. At the time,  she was the first in her family to attend college. As a Blaxicana (African-American and Mexican-American), she was one of few students of color on campus. On top of this stress she brought “root” issues with her. 

Meditation became a central practice for her, one that led to more inner work. She began training in ancestral healing ways, meditation, and social justice. Her journey led her to Veracruz, Mexico where she studied Afromexican healing ways. From inspiring teachers in the United States and Mexico, she learned practices for self- and community-healing that transformed her life.

In 2008, Naya launched RootWork to work with intentional communities. Everything she facilitates, she practices – from meditation and movement, to breath work and ceremony. She continues to grow as a teacher/student on the path.

Naya brings a holistic, academic, and community organizing background to the Work. She’s trained in Reiki and trauma-informed yoga therapy. Her graduate research  focused on Black Diaspora foodways and healing traditions. You can also find her co-creating Food for Black Thought with her life partner. She blogs at

With Naya you can expect to dig deep with joy. Welcome.

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Naya’s Background + Training

* PhD, Geography and the Environment – University of Texas-Austin

* MA, Latin American Studies – University of Texas of Texas-Austin

* Anti-oppression training: Undoing Racism Training w/ People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and Participatory Action Research Training w/ Public Science Project 

* Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Training w/ Sundara Yoga Therapy

* Certified Reiki Master w/ Pathfinder Reiki