“I appreciated the intentionality of the space: the altar, the sage, the crystals, the music, the warm welcome, the snacks, the tea and the open door all indicated to me that Naya had prepared the space with love before we even began!”

– Participant, Radical Self Care for Graduate Students Workshop

NayaJones_web6 (1)“This morning I experienced a relaxation like never before. Thanks to @Naya Jones for spending time with me talking about Rootwork and introducing me to breathing and becoming centered. Look for her story soon. Wow! it was magical.”

– Damita Shanklin, Publisher at Ujima Magazine and Ujima Sistah Radio


“Whether meditating or roller skating, I feel gorgeous when I’m moving! I think I knew this as a child and just forgot. Naya helped me remember the joy that comes from movement, and that you don’t have to always “be still” to “go deep.”

– Y. Glenn, Catalyst at Heroic Beauty


“Restoration. That’s the word that kept coming to my mind.”

– K. Edwards

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